Can Scammers Scam Honest Persons?

Can Scammers Scam Honest Persons?

As the world keeps evolving, scammers always devise new methods to swindle people of their hard-earned money. When a method becomes unworkable again, they introduce new ones. Then the vicious act continues. Scammers, in recent years, use phishing, texting, calling, ponzi schemes, robocalls, and others to dupe people. 

Scammers know that some people are ignorant. They are fully aware that some people are not conscious of the present day realities. They cash in on those people’s ignorance and make fortunes without much labour. It is a stupid act to release your biodata — name, date of birth, account number, Bank Verification Number, and other personal details — to another person and unreliable organizations. 

More so, scammers know that some people are desperate; this set of people want to make money overnight. They are on the lookout for available opportunities to make quick money. The get-rich-quick syndrome has made some become wretched. They want to get money without doing any work. 

Over the years, people just put money in ponzi schemes. In the end, it always ends in premium tears for a lot of people that invest in them. How logical is it to expect the money invested to duplicate or more within a one-month span? It is not possible. Business doesn’t work out like that.  

Being greedy makes one vulnerable. It makes someone’s desire grow beyond the normal expectations. There is nowhere in the world that money is made overnight; it always takes processes. Anyone who wants to have quick money is like a thief who may encounter the scamming of superiors. 

Honest people are content with what they have. They take risks, but are not blindfolded by the get-rich-quick mentality. They do not want to reap where they do not sow. And they are not ready to get their fortunes in someone’s downfall, nor make it overnight.  

People who put their money in a ponzi scheme or its similarity know that it will crash. But they all want to ply their luck  before it does. However, some of them often meet their dead ends. 

There is nothing free even in Freetown. Nothing good comes easily. No one that has a unique opportunity will start sharing it on the internet or texting random people about it. If anyone gets a good opportunity, they often reserve it for their relatives. Unknown people do not put you in the scheme of things when the opportunity is real. Be wise. Don’t invest in any get-rich quick investment; it always ends in tears. 

Any attempt to reap where you do not sow may lead to being scammed. Plying your luck in an untrusted investment is very risky. And trying to duplicate your investments within a few days, weeks or months is tantamount to stealing. 

When the mouthwatering offers of scammers come your way, your honesty will help your sense of reasoning to know that it is all a scam. 

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