Social Stratification in John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi

The Duchess of Malfi, a play written by John Webster, examines the issues in the gap between the nobles and the masses. John Webster was a contemporary poem of William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson, Christopher Malowe and others. They were all... Read more

Southwest NANS Knocks Aisha Buhari Over Illegal Arrest of Student 

The National Association of Nigerian students (NANS) Southwest chapter has attacked the first lady, Aisha Buhari over the arrest of Aminu Muhammed, declaring the act unconstitutional.  Aminu Muhammed, during the eight month industrial action, tweeted that the first lady was... Read more

Literary Appreciation

Literary appreciation revolves around reading, understanding, analyzing and making judgement of a work of art. It helps in detecting the style, theme, diction, figurative devices, tone, and other elements of literature.  Literary appreciation makes the reader get the meanings of... Read more

Figure of Speech 

Figure of speech is a phrase, clause or sentence that has an implied (deep) meaning. Unlike parts of speech which have a surface meaning that anyone who understands the language can understand, the meaning of the figure of speech is... Read more


“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” ___ William Wordsworth The origin of writing a poem starts from the feeling of the writer. It moves the writer so that s/he has no choice than put pen on paper. Poetry... Read more

Elements of prose

Elements Of Prose Plot  It is an arrangement of events in a drama. It is the way the dramatist organizes the sequence in a play. The plot has a lot of incidents, actions, dialogues which give the story a completion. ... Read more

Types Of Prose Fiction

Prose Fiction  Fiction encompasses settings, characters, speeches, actions, and events that are a product of the writer’s imagination. All characters, settings, actions and events in fiction are not real. All the elements mentioned do not have any seeming possibility of... Read more

Elements of Drama

Elements of Drama Drama originated from the Greek word, Dram, that means to do or to act. It is an imitation of action. It evolves with action and dialogue. And drama is meant to be performed on stage. When it... Read more

Why African Women’s Writings Center on Feminism? 

While growing up, the questions which revolve around equality popped up in me. I have always wondered why there is segregation, dichotomy, marginalization, balkanization, racism, and subjugation in our immediate world. As a black boy, it astonished me how the... Read more

Christopher Okigbo: A Poet Who Died While Serving Humanity. 

The civil war in Nigeria, one of the largest genocides in the world, made irredeemable, inestimable and unforgettable losses for different people in the country. It is no more news that not less than 3 million people lost their lives... Read more