Does Sucking Of Woman’s Breasts Really Prevent Breast Cancer? 

Does Sucking Of Woman’s Breasts Really Prevent The Risk Of Breast Cancer? 

It is now viral on social media that men should suck their wives’ breasts in a bid to avoid breast cancer. Thanks to the video interview of an oncologist that went viral early this month. Nonetheless, over the years, it has been speculated that the sucking of women’s breasts by men can help prevent or reduce breast cancer. 

The saying or speculation is unscientific. There is no scientific proof that women whose breasts are sucked by men have lower risks of breast cancer. This postulation are made by sexually preverted men who use the statement to lure women do their sexual biddings and some chalartans in the medical profession. 

First off, what is breast cancer? 

Breast cancer is the cancer that starts from the breast. Men and women can contract it. Nevertheless, men only have 1% possibility of having breast cancer. It can start in a breast or the two breasts. Actually, breast cancer occurs when the cells in the breasts grow out of control. The cause of breast cancer is not known. Nonetheless, it is believed that there are risk factors, such as;nulliparity (not giving birth), having first childbirth after age 30, hormonal replacement therapy, obesity, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption,that can increase the chance of someone to have it. 

Can Sucking Of Women’s  Breasts Reduce The Risk Of Having Breast Cancer? 

Scientifically proven, women that breastfeed have a lower chance of having breast cancer. Breastfeeding, not sucking of breast by the men, helps reduce the risk of having it. More so, women that begin to mother children have a lower risk of having breast cancer compared to women who start giving birth at 35 and above and nulliparous women (Women who do no have their biological children). 

However, the idea of sucking breasts is highly welcoming and detective. When men suck women’s breasts, it helps the women to detect lumps in their breasts. When women discover lumps in their breast early, it fosters the aid to receive treatment which will make the disease benign (not posing any serious threat to health). Without the sucking of breasts, women may not detect lumps, and these will lead to having breast cancers, which is malign (posing a serious threat to health). So, it is advisable that women should allow men suck their breasts so that they can detect whether they have lumps or not.  

The Scientific Solutions To Breast Cancer

  • Inspect Your Breasts 

Men and women should inspect their breasts whether there are any changes in them. The nipples of the breasts can change in colour, size or shape. They should do the inspection with a mirror. Any time that you observe changes in your nipples, or have breast swelling, yiy have better visit an oncologist. 

  • Visit The Physicians 

Whenever you feel any lump in your breast, visit the physician in no time. It is cancerous, very deadly, to underestimate a lump. It will lead to breast cancer. Early diagnosis will present any threat to health. However, late diagnosis is risky, and poses a big threat to one’s health. Whenever you feel that you have a pain in your breast, kindly summon courage to visit a specialist. 

  • Avoid The Don’t

Though the cause of breast cancer is unknown, there are many risk factors that can make someone have great cancer. Taking alcohol, or worse still, alcoholism, obesity, eating too much fat and oil, lack of exercise always increase the risk of having breast cancer. Prevention is better than cure. Avoid any of the above listed risk factors, if you desire to have a lower risk of having breast cancer.   

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