Five Facts About Yuri Gagarin, The First Human To Journey To Outer Space

Five Facts About Yuri Gagarin, The First Person That Journeyed To Outer Space

  1. Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, a cosmonaut, was born on 9th March 1934, Klushino, Soviet Union. He died on 27th March, 1968 at age 34, through a plane crash. 
  2. Gagarin experienced a lot of cataclysmic occurrences due to the effects of the World War 11 spearheaded by the Nazi, in his early life. His community, Klushino, was captured by the soldier. His school was burnt down on his first day in school. 
  3. He went back to school in 1946 to further his education that was brought to an abrupt end by the invaders. He had passion for Maths and science and it helped him discover his purpose in life. At an early age, he was part of the students that built model airplanes. Yuri had a keen interest in flying airplanes. When he became 16, he became an apprentice at a steel plant at Lyubertsy, very near to Moscow. He was also enrolled in a young-worker high school for seventh-grade evening classes. With all this, Yuri became an expert in flying airplanes and he became a professional after undergoing the training. 
  4. In 1957, he graduated from the flight school. Later that year, he was commissioned a lieutenant in the soviet air forces, after flying for 166 hours and 47 minutes. 
  5. Gagarin married his wife Valentina Goryacheva, a medical technician in 1957. They were married the same day that Gagarin from his high school. They had two daughters. 

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