How To Prepare For UTME

How To Prepare For UTME

“When you keep doing something, you become it. When you read persistently, you become the walking textbook.” 

Actually, no one is dull. Everyone has an intellectual prowess. Nonetheless, the usages differ. But what is worth doing is worth doing well. A student who wants to be educated must take it seriously, beyond being a mediocrity. The difference in the schools’ cut off marks depend on the preparation of the aspirants. No institutions just wake up and make their cut off marks known. The performance of the aspirants determine the cut off marks. 

After knowing the above, the best favour you can do for yourself is to be the determinant of your own future. You can determine your academic future by preparing excellently more than your mates. Do not leave your future for chance. Take the bull by its horn. 

Tips To Passing UTME 

1. Have Time For Reading Daily 

A student who wants to pass UTME successfully should have time for reading. You have a specific time to read. I will advise you to read for at least six hours per day. You do not know your competitors —–fellow aspirants struggling for the admission slots with you. Some are reading for more than 12 hours per day. How do you compete with them? You can only compete with them when you read intensively. 

2. Run Away From Any Distraction

As a tutor, I have seen many aspirants that are into one or two things aside education. It is advisable to quit doing anything that can distract you. The preparation for UTME takes a period of 3 months to 8 months. Make sure that you concentrate fully on the exam. Division of mind may cause failure. 

3. Have 2-3 Textbooks For Different Subjects 

Make sure that you read different textbooks for each subject. It allows you to have a better understanding of the topics in the subjects. It also exposes you to having some points that are not in the other textbooks. And most times, it will give you more details about the topics. 

4. Take Note Of Every Detail

Avoid self deception. It will only make you think that you know much. Read the textbook intensively. Don’t assume that you know anything.  Don’t ever think that you know a particular topic very well. Never leave any stones unturned. You need to read from topic to topic, word to word, sentence to sentence, page to page, and paragraph to paragraph. Do not jump. Do not think that something is irrelevant. Everything in the textbook is meant for your reading consumption. 

5. Read From Front Cover To Back Cover

This can be a difficult task, but it can’t when you are really focused. I did it in my time. You can also do it. Read each textbook from the front cover to the back cover, at least, twice. You can read it as many times as possible. I know a particular textbook that I read for 6 times. It isn’t difficult. When you keep doing something, you become it. You become the walking textbook. By doing this, you will know all points in each topic. You can teach people different topics without using textbooks. By then, you will have become the textbook. 

6. Solve Past Questions 

Every success-oriented aspirant must solve all the past questions of their subject combinations. Solving past questions will make you know how the questions are srt. It will also help you know the likely possible questions to see in the exam hall. And it will ensure your success since JAMB always repeats questions. 

While solving the past questions, make sure you check the answers to the questions that you miss. Don’t start another year’s questions without getting the solution to all questions of the year that you do. When you see an option in A – D that you don’t understand, make sure you search about  it on the internet or any textbook or someone who really knows it. 

7. Help You Own Weakness 

Everybody has weaknesses. But a person with a growth mindset focuses on how to turn his/her weakness to strength. Your weakness can debar you from getting the admission, if care is not taken. You should have much knowledge in your four chosen subjects. Do not say, “I am only afraid of English.” Instead, since you know English is your weakness, try to improve yourself in it. There are hundreds of thousands of aspirants that are fully fit. Make yourself one of them. Read all subjects and know much of all the four subjects. 

8. Attend A Tutorial 

I put this last because I believe that much of the work/preparation lies on you. You are the architect of your own success or failure. Nonetheless, there are many people who are vast in knowledge. You can attend a meaningful tutorial, a tutorial that means business and has a lot of erudite tutors. You should know that the tutors have greater knowledge than you no matter how brilliant you are. They will make everything simple for you to understand. And it will lessen your struggle to understand some difficult topics.

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