Poly vs Uni Dichotomy: Poly Graduates To Be Employed As Lecturers 

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has made it clear that the Higher National Diploma (HND) holders can now be employed as assistant lecturers in polytechnics and monotechnics. 

The NBTE secretary, Idris Bugaje, disclosed the development on Monday. He stated that the employment in Nigerian polytechnics and monotechnics are now open for the polytechnics graduates, not only for university graduates as it has been before. 

“Why should somebody from the university system come and midwife over a different system and become lords over them? The highest product in the polytechnics is the HND,” stated the NBTE boss. “As such, the best of these graduates should be employed as assistant lecturers and grow within the systems to have their master’s degree.”

He added, “They can rise through the ranks to become chief lecturers and eventually become Rectors of their respective institutions.” 

He added that the development would take its effect in 2023 with the new Scheme of Service for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector. 

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