Student Proposes To Fiancée Before Lecturer And Students

UNILORIN student proposes to girlfriend

A 300 level student of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) has proposed to his fiancée before a lecturer and fellow students, while a lecture was being held. 

A viral video that circulated on the internet revealed the much engrossed young man intoxicated by love. He gently knelt before the lady as he brought out a well kept ring to make a marriage proposal to his beloved. 

His classmates really helped in the wooing serenade. Few of them held the placards that read, “Will you marry me?”. Others who were seated made joyful and astonishing noises to express their joy as well as surprise. 

To show his preparedness for the lovely marriage proposal which took a lovely dimension in an academic setting, the male lover hired trumpeters to mesmerize the wooing serenade with scintillating solos. 

Nonetheless, there have been mixed reactions from netizen concerning the classroom marriage proposal between the two young lovers. While many enjoyed the show, expressing their delight in the students’ maturity as well as the lecturer’s permissiveness, some condemned the act, saying it was a show of shame in an overpopulated environment. 

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