The Advantages of Studying STEM Courses

It’s possible that you have seen the acronym, STEM, before, but you don’t know its meaning. STEM as it is widely used by most people simply means Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The future of the world lies in STEM. 

First off, the world is ever changing, and the need to have young minds who can critically think, evaluate processes, bring knowledge and skills to provide solutions to the world’s problems, have much information and be able to make drastic evidence is on the rise. Unarguably, these are the values embedded in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Studying any of the STEM courses makes one understand and solve the problems both present ones  and tomorrow’s and to meet the changing yet competitive global transition in terms of developmental standards. 

As it stands, STEM education is accepted globally. Governments of nations spend heavily on it. There is a wide and wild sensitization on the need for students to study STEM courses, which is unarguably the future of the world. In fact, there is much more admission space for STEM courses aspirants than the aspirants who want to study non-STEM courses. In Nigeria, the ratio is 60:40. 

People who study STEM courses are seen as professionals and more qualified than their counterparts who study non-STEM courses. Being a professional in this sense means that a person who doesn’t study the course cannot dabble into the profession. For instance, it is not possible to see someone that studies Banking and Finance become a medical doctor. STEM is technology-oriented and demands great expertise. 

By studying any STEM courses, to get a high-paying job is easier and more lucrative than studying non-STEM courses. It has become a priority for employers to employ qualified graduates who are solely qualified in their disciplines, not those who do not know the right place to work. The demand to employ employees based on STEM is very high, and never-changing, obvious since the world is going more digital. 

More so, graduates of STEM courses find it easy to secure migration to foreign courses if they are determined to seek greener pastures in their chosen fields. In 2017, a survey by the Nigeria Polling Organisation (NOIPolls) in partnership with Nigeria Health Watch shows that 88 percent of the Nigerian doctors were in the search for job opportunities abroad. 

Without a doubt, STEM courses promise to give a better tomorrow more than others. It is wise for any student to move into the direction of the technology-based changing of the world. With STEM, to secure a job in the country or outside the country is easy and  lucrative. 

Here is the list of STEM courses.

Aerospace engineering.





Chemical engineering.


Civil engineering.

Computer science.

Electrical Engineering.

Food Science. 

Forensic Science.


Mechanical Engineering. 

Petroleum Engineering.




Zoology, etc.

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