The Near End Of Fossil Fuels

Just as the world keeps evolving, ousting will always be a necessity. The changing in the energy industry in the 21st century, in no small measure, has welcomed the world into carbon-free energy, and thereby been sending hydrocarbon energy into a gradual extinction affirmably into a foreseeable future. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), an organization responsible for the support given to countries on the transition to clean energy, it is noted expressly that not less than 90 percent of the world’s electricity should be from clean energy by 2050. 

Over the years, there has been a sudden flow of advocacy for the transition of energy from hydrocarbon energy to clean energy. The upsurge comes from nowhere, but from the developed western nations, who generate nothing like any form of fossil fuels, such as; coal, crude oil and natural gas. These countries are on the brink to run out of their hydrocarbon energy reserves. So, they resort to using clean energy which has its sources from solar energy, biomass energy, hydro energy, geothermal energy and wind energy

However, without mincing words, the coming of clean energy as the mainstream energy source globally becomes outright welcoming through its numerous and unparalleled advantages to the world.  It is considered as the best and most reliable among all the sources of energy since it is renewable, and invariably, weather-friendly. It does not pollute the air unlike carbonated energy, which emits carbon dioxide and methane, accounting for nothing less than 75 percent of the global greenhouse emissions and virtually 90 percent of all the emissions of carbon dioxide. 

The ever changing energy landscape has spread its tentacles to no fewer than 180 nations, which seek a sustainable future away from hydrocarbons in order to reduce virtually half of emissions by 2030, and if possible, reach net zero by 2050. In fact, to the extreme, the goal is solely to opt for the total swap, neglecting any iota or unit of energy mix, with countries like China, Japan, United States of America, Germany and India taking the lead according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The advocacy of the transformation of the world’s energy transition championed by the IRENA is meant to sensitise all countries on the need to invest in clean energy, which is dependable, sustainable, renewable, clean, and inexpensive.  

To add a verisimilitude, in recent times, some investors in the energy industry, throughout the globe, fear losing their capitals due to the much attention given to carbon-free energy. The investors are concerned about the long term prospects of the values and uses of fossil fuels. Therefore, they shift their focus away from carbon-laden energy which, as stated by experts, will reach its full existence by almost three decades now. 

Consequently, the future looks bleak; worse still, nonexistent for hydrocarbon energy. And it is just a matter of time when its uses in the energy industry will go into oblivion.

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