UNICAL Professor Found Dead In His Home

Professor Felix Akpan, a lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Calabar (UNICAL), has been confirmed dead in his home in Cross River. 

The spokesperson of the police, Irene Ugbo, stated that Akpan’s body was found dead in his home on Sunday, having sustained several wounds in his body through stabbing. He expressed that the police have arrested a person in relation to Akpan’s gruesome murder, and stated that the investigation would still continue. 

“We have a suspect in custody who claims to be a friend to the deceased (Prof. Akpan). He said he does not know what happened to him or who stabbed him to death,” she said.

“Our crack team of detectives have already swung into action, we will soon get to the root of the matter by unravelling who the killer is.” 

It was reported that a visitor visited Felix on Saturday before his corpse was discovered on Sunday. 

“He had a male guest who came visiting at the weekend, but the person left very early on Sunday at about 5:00 am,” the source said.

“A lady who stays in the compound said that she heard a loud scream same day the visitor who has now been confirmed to be a friend left his apartment and alerted people in the neighborhood about the noise.

“Perhaps, he forgot something that made him come back to the victims’ house, where he was apprehended and taken to Prof’s apartment where we saw the lifeless body of Prof. Akpan with multiple stabs.” 

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