UNN Increases Tuition Fees; Students Protest

The management of University of Nigeria, Nsuka, has increased the tuition fees for the students in the school. 

According to a report, the tuition fees had an 100 percent increase. Prior to the increment, the fresh students of the school paid 83 000, while the returning students often paid N40 000. But with the new development, the fresh students will be paying N114,650 – N120,650 while the old students N85,000 – N95,000 respectively. 

However, the increment of the tuition fees has caused rage and uproar among the students in the school. It was gathered that students have staged protests to make their grievance known concerning the humongous increase of tuition fees. 

A member of the Student Union Government who pleaded to be anonymous said, “The students’ reaction is simple – we are not comfortable with the increment; even though the increment is inevitable, the amount they increased it to is too high. They doubled it, like a 105 percent increment, so it’s much.

“That is what we are agitating for – there should be a reduction. And compared to other federal universities, you would see that we pay higher unless we do not go on strike again.

Unless we are going to take up the responsibility of settling ASUU and all that, we won’t be going on strike like other federal universities, then the amount is ok.

Students are saying that if we will not be going on strike, the amount is ok,” he said. 

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